Icche (Desire), revolves around the tangible relationship between an obsessive mother and her son.

Manas Chatterjee lived in his ancestral home along with his wife, Mamata, and his only son, Soumik. Mamata was an ambitious mother and harboured many dreams for her only son Soumik. She was disappointed in her husband Manas.

Manas, an Insurance agent, had an easy, laid - back personality. He was satisfied with his job and the small successes that came his way. Dissatisfied by her husband’s outlook, Mamata was determined to bring up her son differently. She harboured high hopes for him. In this highly competitive world, she tried to make sure that her son would stand out and achieve the goals that she had chalked out for him.

But all her well - laid out plans went awry when Soumik started rebelling against her dominance. Soumik had his first crush at the age of 16. Recognising the dangerous signs, Mamata, heartlessly, nipped the romance in its bud. Unfortunately, her son never forgave her for her deed and a breach appeared in their relationship. Soumik had accepted his mother’s demands with a condition that she would no longer interfere in his personal matters. Yet he feared to trust her. Therefore, when he falls in love a second time, while at college, he is paranoid that his mother would once again harm this relationship.

Mamata learns of this new relationship in her son’s life and once again, her interfering nature takes over. She feels the new girl in her son’s life is not good enough for him. She also wants to win over her son’s affection; so to make amends, she contrives to bring back Soumik’ s first crush back into his life. How does Soumik react to his mother’s latest ploy? Do they bridge the chasm? Or does the final confrontation culminate into a more tragic situation? The answers to these queries form the crux of this story.

  • Mamata: Sohini Sengupta
  • Samik: Samadarshi Dutta
  • Manas: Bratya Basu
  • Debjani: Ruplekha Mitra
  • Jayanti: Bidita Bag
  • Screenplay & Dialogue: Nandita Roy & Shiboprosad Mukherjee
  • Music, Lyrics & Background Score: Surojit Chatterjee
  • Director of Photography: Soumik Halder
  • Editor: Moloy Laha
  • Sound: V.N Kishor, Biswajit Sengupta, Tito
  • Costume: Ruma Sengupta
  • Art Director: Tanmoy Chakroborty
  • Producer: Vignesh Films
  • Co-Producer: Encash Entertainment PVT. LTD.
  • Presenter: Rakesh Singh, Sachet Saraf & Rituparna Sengupta
  • Publicity Design: Saumik & Piyali