Hello Memsaheb

Megh Chatterjee, having recently lost his father, had been compelled to return from USA to take over the reins of his father’s Real Estate Business. Though known as a playboy amongst the ‘Page3’ crowd he frequented, he was, actually, a mischievous, whimsical and impulsive little boy at heart- always up to some trick or the other. His grandmother was aware of his mischievous streak and indulged him thoroughly.

One fine day, Megh happens to spot Mita on the road. A beautiful young girl, her face suffused in the flowers that she was buying. To Megh, it was love at first sight. Almost bewitched and in a trance, Megh follows Mita to her home. Before he can approach her, she enters her apartment and shuts the door on her face. On her door-step, Megh discovers a letter that says that a new Oriya servant would be soon joining the household. Megh’s mischievous streak comes to the fore and in an attempt to get closer to the woman of his dreams, he disguises himself as an Oriya servant and joins Mita’s household as Priyo, the servant.

Mita, in the meanwhile, lives on her own with her 8 yr old nephew Tinga. A few years ago, Mita had lost her only relative in this world, her sister Meena, in an accident. Luckily, Tinga had survived and it fell upon Mita to abandon her studies in Bangalore, return back to Kolkata to look after her only nephew, Tinga.

Luckily, she manages to find a job for herself in Roy & Roy Constructions. But it becomes very difficult for her to hold on to her job as Tinga is very naughty and demanding and she is at her wits end thinking of ways and means to control Tinga. Fortunately, her friend Jita’s aunt promises to send an accomplished Oriya servant who would not only cater to all of Tinga’s needs but also look after the entire household. Mita is ecstatic to see Megh, impersonating as Priyo, at her doorstep. She warmly welcomes him.

Soon enough Megh takes over the entire household, even manages to curb Tinga’s over enthusiasm by becoming partners in crime. He also strikes a deal with the real ‘Priyo’ (who arrives a day later & whom they name ‘Goju’) to take care of the entire household while he and Tinga make merry.

Unfortunately for Megh, he is unaware that Mita is working in his own company. When he discovers Mita in his office, he panics and does his best to hide his identity from her. Mita is slightly confused. Megh seems familiar to her but she cannot place him. For whenever she met Megh in her house, he would be in his Oriya disguise. Thus starts a game of hide-n-seek with Megh doing his best to carry off his disguise, sometimes successfully, sometimes not- thereby creating hilarious situations.

But, one day, Mita discovers his secret. And then? What happens after that?

  • Megh - Jeet
  • Mita - Priyanka Trivedy
  • Tinga - Arirtra
  • Gaju - Kanchan
  • Menon - Bratya Basu
  • Jeeta - Dimpy
  • Aveek - Biswanath
  • Story, Screenplay,Dialogue, Direction: Nandita Roy & Shiboprasad Mukherjee
  • Lyrics & Music: Surojit Chatterjee (Bhoomi)
  • Director of Photography: Premananda Bikash Chaki, Goopi Bhagat & Joydeep Bose