Laltu Biswas (Shiboprosad Mukherjee) and Mitali Biswas (Gargi Roy Chowdhury) are the parents of Bhutu (Broto Banerjee). Mitali is a homemaker and Laltu is a rich furniture showroom owner. Their son, Bhutu, studies in one of the top schools of Kolkata, where he meets his best friend, Chini (Tiyasha Pal). Contrary to Bhutu's background, Chini comes from a highly intellectual and sophisticated family where her parents, Srinjoy Sen (Sujon Mukhopadhyay) and Rina Sen (Churni Ganguly), are both academicians. Bhutu being a diehard Salman Khan fan like his father, happens to know all the antics from Salman Khan films. He is the self-proclaimed 'bhaijaan' at school and gets into a scuffle with a classmate because of his antics. Bhutu thinks that he should let Chini know about his feelings towards her and tells her that he loves her and wishes to marry her someday. Chini ends up telling this to her parents. Keeping Chini's involvement in mind the school authorities summon Chini's parents as well which leads to a confrontation between the parents, who end up having a brawl. The Sens decide to change Chini’s school and take her away from Bhutu. After getting a good scolding from his mother, Bhutu decides not to speak to Chini anymore and stops sitting beside her at school, which hurts Chini. Soon their sections are also changed. However, after watching someone getting married on TV, Bhutu decides to marry Chini by putting sindoor on her. Meanwhile, another child from the class, stands witness to this plan and reports it to the class teacher, who is again forced to take it up with the principal. Both set of parents are summoned again. Though the parents are miffed with each other and the school, they realise at the end how innocent and pure Bhutu and Chini’s bonding is.
  • Broto Banerjee as Bodhiswata Biswas / Bhutu / Bhaijaan
  • Tiyasha Pal as Tanuruchi Sen / Chini
  • Abhiraj Karan as Ajat Shotru Rakshit / Kuchu
  • Tanushree Shankar as Principal
  • Aparajita Auddy as Arundhati, School Councellor
  • Shiboprosad Mukherjee as Laltu Biswas, Bhutu's father
  • Gargi Roychowdhury as Mitali Biswas, Bhutu's mother
  • Koneenica Banerjee as Shyamoli Rakshit, Ajat Shotru's mother
  • Kharaj Mukherjee as Dilip Rakshit - Ajat Shotru's father and local MLA
  • Masood Akhtar as Chacha jaan
  • Sujan Mukhopadhyay as Srinjoy Sen, Chini's father
  • Churni Ganguly as Rina Sen, Chini's mother
  • Debolina Dutta as Jhumur Paul's mother
  • Devlina Kumar as Sohini, Bhutu and Chini's class teacher
  • Shreyan Bhattacharya in a special appearance as himself
  • Director & Producer: Nandita Roy & Shiboprosad Mukherjee
  • Musician: Anindya Chatterjee
  • Cinematographer: Supriyo Dutta
  • Editor: Malay Laha
  • Singer: Babul Supriyo, Anindya Chatterjee, Shreyan Bhattacharya, Ranita Banerjee, Swamantak Mukherjee, Aruna das