Baba, Baby O…

A 40-something man, Megh Roddur Chattopadhyay, becomes a father of twin boys through surrogacy. A computer engineer, he works in a finance firm in Kolkata. His father, a retired railway officer and his mother, a homemaker, welcome the decision, but have their own set of fears. In their neighbourhood, not everyone is aware of surrogacy and people start speculating about Megh Roddur's love life and what made him become a single father. Megh Roddur's father is both happy and apprehensive that his son has become a single parent, but fear lurks in the deepest chambers of his mind. Having read articles on more and more gay couples opting for surrogacy to become parents, he is suspicious of his son's sexual orientation. All this because Megh Roddur's best friend, Raja, comes across as gay, even though no one confirms this. Meanwhile, all the close friends of the Chattopadhyay couple, tease them about surrogacy, much to their dismay. Unruffled by all that is happening around him, Megh Roddur turns into the best hands-on father that one can ever be. He is aided by two babysitters, one of whom is an Uttam Kumar fan, and the family's cook, Putul. As the couple stops looking for a prospective daughter-in-law with a heavy heart --- and concentrates on raising the kids, Potol and Posto (the names Chattopadhyay senior derives from his granny's recipe), who are funny in their own right even at six months --- the unthinkable happens to Megh Roddur. He meets Brishti Roy, owner of a Parsi Toy Shop, and falls in love --- hook, line and sinker. As luck would have it, Brishti, who seems to be managing a toy shop on her own, isn't much fond of kids --- she meets a dozen every day, crying and making a mess, brought to the store by their harried parents. On top of that, she comes from a broken family and nurtures a secret anger against her mother for breaking up with her father when Brishti was a toddler and marrying a Parsi. Not having seen a happy family, Brishti isn't keen on marriage either and is all set to fly off to faraway Sydney with her college sweetheart, Souvik, who lands up one fine morning to break the rhythm of a growing friendship. But when Megh Roddur meets Brishti, there's bound to be some music. Will that last forever or will Brishti, who is still in her 20s and not a believer in motherhood, move away from Megh Roddur, a caring father in his 40s?
  • Megh Roddur Chattopadhyay: Jisshu U Sengupta
  • Brishti Roy: Solanki Roy
  • Mainak Banerjee: Raja
  • Gourab Chatterjee: Souvik
  • Rajat Ganguly: Ramen Chattopadhyay
  • Molina Chattopadhyay: Reshmi Sen
  • Mita Roy: Bidipta Chakraborty
  • Director: Aritra Mukherjee
  • Presenter: Nandita Roy and Shiboprosad Mukherjee
  • Producer: Windows
  • Story and screenplay: Zinia Sen
  • Dialogues: Samragnee Bandopadhyay
  • Director of photography: Subhankar Bhar ISC
  • Art Director: Ranajit Gharai
  • Film Editor: Moloy Laha
  • Music Directors: Amit – Ishan, Chamok Hasan
  • Background score: Amit-Ishan
  • Sound designer and film mix: Amit Kumar Dutta
  • Costume designer: Abhishek Roy