Posto is a seven year old boy who is being brought up at his grandparent’s house. His parents, Arnab and Susmita are both modern day, ambitious individuals who have no time to spare for their sons. Posto is very attached to his grandparents, Mr. DinenLahiri and Mrs. Gauri Devi. They also can’t imagine a day without him. All of a sudden, Posto’s parents get an opportunity to leave the country and settle abroad. They decide that it is in the best interest of their son that he should stop living with his grandparents and come along. Here starts a tussle between the parents and grandparents over the custody of the little boy who is torn between the choices. The issue is dragged to the court and what follows is the heart – wrenching story of love and attachment which is becoming rare these days.
  • SoumitraChatterjee as DinenLahiri (Grandfather)
  • Lily Chakraborty as Gauri Devi (Grandmother)
  • JisshuSengupta as Arnab
  • Mimi Chakraborty as Susmita
  • ParanBandopadhyay as Male Lawyer
  • SohiniSengupta as Female Lawyer
  • Siddhartha Chatterjee as Judge
  • ArghyaBasu Roy as Posto
  • Produced by Probhat Roy, Ganpati Production and Windows
  • Presented by AtanuRaychaudhuri
  • Directed by Nandita Roy &Shiboprosad Mukherjee
  • Screeplay by Nandita Roy
  • Dialogues by Shiboprosad Mukherjee
  • Director of Photography:GopiBhagat
  • Editor: Malay Laha
  • Music:AnindyaChatterjee&Anupam Roy
  • Art Director:AmitChatterjee
  • Sound Design:DipankarChaki
  • Costume Design:RumaSengupta
  • Background Score:UpalSengupta, Surajit Mukherjee and ShibabrataBiswas